The Center for Analytical Instrumentation of Chiba University was established in 1978 for the purpose to provide researchers and students with a wide use of instruments for chemical analysis. It is also aimed to develop and research of technologies of scientific analysis. Several advanced new instruments in CAI can be applied to not only chemistry but broad area of science; physics, biology, medical science and so on.

We also put effort into education and technical support to researchers or students. Collaborative studies and requested measurements with a broad array of researchers are proceeding. Moreover, we belong to “The Network System Sharing Advanced Instruments among Universities” and promote the interuniversity studies.

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Management and Utilization

Many large instruments for chemical analysis are under the management of CAI. They are mainly used to structural analysis of organic compounds. Several advanced instruments can be applied to more broad area of science. The management of the instruments is taken by a few regular staffs of CAI and some instrument managers selected from each faculty. Usual cost for the management and maintenance of the instruments are covered with usage fee.

For usage of the instruments in CAI, the user license system for self-operation is adopted. The researchers and students (not only in Chiba University) are allowed to operate the instruments by themselves with getting the user license for each instrument through practical training and qualifying examination.

Education and Support

We give the training and technical supports of the usage of each instrument by technical staffs and instrumet manegers as needed. Moreover, some technical seminars by invited professional lecturer are set up in CAI. In the seminars, researchers and students (not only in Chiba University) can study basic techniques or effective applications of the instruments.

In addition, we organize a workshop to present achievements of studies by researchers with CAI.

Research and Study

We conduct requested measurements using several instruments by technical staffs. Some collaborative studies with researchers in Chiba University or other universities or corporations are also proceeding in CAI. Moreover, we will try to develop a multiphasic analysis system with sevelal instruments.

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CAI belongs to a project called “The Network System Sharing Advanced Instruments among Universities”. The project is constructed by more than seventy institutions (university and laboratory) in Japan and supported by Institute for Molecular ScienceInstitute for Molecular Science in National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS). The aim of the project is mutual utilization of expensive and advanced instruments in each institution through the network system.

Almost instruments of CAI have been registered for the online reservation and accounting system of the network. in order to utilize freely at domestic organization and far more open-use instruments will be heaped on in near future. This allows users (not only in Chiba University) to easily reserve and use the instruments.

In addition, CAI assumes a hub of local area of the network. We coordinate activities of other universities in the local area and promote the mutual utilization among the institutions nationwide.